Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Crazy Buzy Life

I'm beginning to wonder if I'm the only one who loses track of time...not minutes of time, but chunks of time.  Life just seems to zoom by at lightning speed.  One day it's monday, and blink, it's the next monday, making I wonder if I've pulled a Rip Van Winkle.

There are days that I look at my children and wonder when they grew so much, and how I missed it since I'm with them everyday...sigh.  Elder members of society often state that "time flies the older you get", and I guess they were right.  Problem being that I'm not the "old" yet, and if life goes by this
quickly while I'm 41, what is going to happen when I'm 80?  Will I blink and my life will be done?

Guess it's time to put the brakes on again, slow down, and enjoy life a little more.  I don't want to "wake up" and be 80, while trying to remember what I did in my life. 

So, am I the only one who feels this way?  I sure hope not!  Well, enough of a whine for 


  1. Life just keeps getting faster and faster as we age. I don't know why that happens. So, enjoy and try to fill up every minute while you are able. My body is slowing down a lot and I can't do what I once did and time seems to be running out! lol Blessings, Pamela

  2. I will heed your advice and fill up the minutes while I can, while at the same time enjoying the little moments. You've made some wonderful memories Pam, I've seen them through your pictures, and I hope that you can continue for a many more years :D