Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ahhh...Cemetery Sweet Cemetery

For as long as I can remember, I've loved cemeteries...yeah, that's right...I have a thing for cemeteries.  Not in a creepy, I want to hang out there in the dark sorta love, but a love for the peacefulness and beauty that can be found there. 

I have many fond memories of hanging out with friends in cemeteries (respectfully of course), visiting family graves with my parents, and taking walks to feed the ducks in the city cemeteries where I've lived. 

Reading the stones is a favorite past time, as I always wondered about the story behind those whose names are forever engraved in granite and marble.  And the stones are often incredible pieces of art in themselves, hand carved by individuals that will never get credit for their masterpieces.

When I was younger and spoke about my fondness of cemeteries, people always looked at me as if I were crazy, or perhaps I was a vampire...though I always thought how strange THEY were for not liking to visit these lovely places.  They are like large peaceful zen gardens or art exhibits that are free to visit.

This past week was extra stressful (I have a pimple to prove pimple at 41 must be Mother Nature's not funny Mother Nature) so I decided I needed some quiet time and headed to our local cemetery for a lunch time walk....Ahhh peace and quiet at last!!  I saw some lovely sights that helped to fill my "cup" and get me through the rest of the week.

Here are some sights from my lunch break...
Such a beautiful angel...

 These "cat paws" where only growing in front of one women's stone...I wondered if in her lifetime she was a cat lover? 
An Orange-Belted Bumble Bee with an sweet lil heart

Angels are known as protectors.  These huge branches feel around this angel without damaging it...I was in awe when I saw this and the picture still gives me goosebumps.

This lil bee looks as if she's been blessed with angel wings

Do any of you have enjoy visiting cemeteries?  If you haven't been to one for a visit, perhaps this post will tempt you to take a walk in one...they are full of peace, art, and history..what more could one ask for!!

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