Friday, June 24, 2011

Looking at Life's Details

I often wonder how many people miss out on the details of life because they are only looking at the "big picture"?  Being a visual person, I tend to look beyond the big picture and take a closer look at objects hoping to find something extraordinary in the ordinary.  For those who haven't taken the time to slow down and look, I'd like to share some of the images that I find incredible that many would overlook.

Have you seen a sedem flower the size the head of a pin?

The reflection in a raindrop in the tip of a blade of grass?

It's amazing how magical our world is when you really look around.  There are so many extraordinary findings in our ordinary lives.  I challenge you to take a minute to slow down and look around and find a little magic in your'll be amazed at what you may find!


  1. I many people go through life and dont or wont slow down enough to see the beauty that each and every one of us live in everyday, life is too short to ignore the extraordinary...many little things are taken for granted when going through life, and the beauty of this world we live in is only one of them...look around at lifes details...

  2. I actually feel a bit sad for those that don't/can't take the time to experience what is
    around them...we have such a wonderful world out there that is way too often taken for granted...glad you have an appreciation of life and all that is in it :D