Friday, June 3, 2011

You are now entering a new world

Okay, so maybe it's the same ol' world, but it's my little world that is sometimes crazy and a bit blurry at times.  Since I live in this craziness daily and seem to look at life through a bit of a blurred lens, I thought maybe  I should spread the craziness around and see if there are others who would like to join my little part of the world.  

Being a wannabe photographer and I love to experiment with my camera. We are still getting to know each other and it's much like a new relationship; so much to learn and when you think that you've figured it out there's more to it.  At times my camera temperamental and doesn't perform up to par and I'm ready to break it off, then it runs perfectly and I'm madly in love and can't get enough.  

There are so many great objects in the world just crying out to be photographed.  I'm also trying to move away from what I believe a photo "should" look like and trying to take it the way my mind "wants" it to look.   I'm a wannabe photo non-conformist...though in reality, I'm just a wanna be photographer...again blurred lines.

Beside being a wanna be, I'm also a recent college graduate, mother of 2 children, 2 dogs, a cat, 11 hens, and a few other critters.  Life is up in the air at the moment and I'll write about that in the is just a test for my blogging abilities.


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