Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It Shouldn't Be So Hard to Let Something Go...

Each time that I've used my favorite towel over the past few months...okay maybe even longer...I've known that it's time to retire it.  I bought it about 17 years ago (yes you read right) when it was love at first site...oh, how thick, plush, and huge it was. I can still remember my mother stating that it would take forever to dry them and that I shouldn't have spent the money on it. 

Okay, it did take forever to dry, but I loved my big fluffy towel and I wasn't giving it up for anyone.  Though time has passed, my towel is still there to go to the beach with me and to give me a daily hug after getting out of the shower. But right before my eyes, and without me noticing, my old friend has aged; it's now frayed, has holes, and is a thin a a piece of paper. It really doesn't even dry all that well...so, why then do I keep it?   

I've been contemplating that question all day and have realized that I tend to hold onto objects (and people) for sentimental reasons.  Even when I know that I've outgrown an item or it has outlived it's usefulness, I have a hard time letting go. Some soul searching may be needed to understand the reason behind my tendencies...so time will tell.  Until then, I'm sure that there is a nice fluffy towel out there waiting for me to buy it. First I must say good-bye to my old faithful and let it go...

Or maybe I'll make it into some rags that can live in my cupboard... lol

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